Motorola announced plans on release смартвотч and to new Moto X

Motorola announced plans on release смартвотч and to new Moto X

Despite change of the owner, Motorola still had in a sleeve some trumps. At the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona chief executive officers of the company confirmed a fast exit of clever hours of Moto Smartwatch and the updated Moto X smartphone.

In Motorola reported that at present смартвотч and the smartphone are in development and terms of their exit to the market are not established yet. The company now does an emphasis «on the solution of the user questions, in particular style and design». Motorola wants to see the clever hours more similar to jewelry, rather than on an ugly gadget». What mobile devices meant under a word "ugly", heads did not report.

On a question concerning use in clever hours of the Android operating system heads of Motorola kept silent, having smiled in reply, writes the Digital Trends Internet edition. They also did not confirm that it will be Samsung company Tizen OS. Under control of Tizen work смартвотч with Samsung Gear 2.

As to the follower of Moto X, observers expect to see it in the summer.

Motorola also announced the Moto Maker service which allows кастомизировать Moto X and Moto G smartphones before purchase. These smartphones will go on sale in Europe next month. In March the announcement of clever hours of Google of production LG also is expected.