Nokia denies the return to the market of smartphones

Nokia denies the return to the market of smartphones

The Finnish Nokia disproved messages on the return to the market of smartphones in 2016. The company declared that information published by mass media does not represent the facts. Such reaction followed after two anonymous sources in division of Nokia Networks reported about intention of Nokia to start to sell new phones under own brand next year.

According to terms of transaction with Microsoft, Nokia is forbidden to sell smartphones and to license an own brand to the foreign companies till 2016. Finns also disproved hearings that they work over projects with use of technology of virtual reality about which told sources.

Messages in mass media, including the comment, Nokia Networks incorrectly attributed to the management, about intention of the company to make consumer smartphones in China, do not represent the facts, – is told in Nokia statement.

After purchase of business of Nokia on production of smartphones for 7,5 billion dollars the software giant of Microsoft replaced a brand of Nokia Lumia for Microsoft Lumia. With mobile Nokia devices remained it is connected by the division of Here which develops digital cards for navigation systems. Recently the company confirmed that considers possibility of sale of this business. The division is estimated at 2,1 billion dollars.

It is reported that a number of the automobile and technological companies, including Apple is interested in the Nokia Here service. As potential buyers Amazon, by Alibaba, Facebook and other representatives of big business also are considered.