Clever hours from ASUS will appear on sale in September and

will be cheaper than the competitors

Clever hours from ASUS will appear on sale in September and

The considerable part of conference of developers of Google I/O was given to the Android Wear operating system, smart hours and other nosimy electronic gadgets. As expected, each main player in the market of the electronic goods expressed interest towards development of this direction. Directly during the LG and Samsung conference presented novelties – LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. Shortly to them Motorola with the Moto 360 will be tightened. But what into the account of other producers? The Taiwan producer of computers, the ASUS company already said earlier that is going to let out the clever hours till the end of this year, however details about this device appeared just now.

Western технопортал TechChrunch reports that had possibility to talk to the unnamed source close to this question, and that confirmed that ASUS plans to use the Android Wear operating system in the smart hours. Such succession of events actually is not surprising, as very few people from the main OEM manufacturing will not want to use possibilities of Android Wear and as a result to be left in the basket of the new market.

As reports a source, new smart hours from the Taiwan producer will use the AMOLED-display and to be on sale at price very available to the buyer which, besides, if to trust this message, will be lower, than at hours from LG and Samsung. Exact cost of a gadget while remains secret, but the source says that it will make something between 99-149 dollars (73-109 euros). And this price can really appear very attractive to the buyer if to consider that the price list of LG G Watch is on a mark of 229 dollars (167 euros), and the newest hours of Gear Live from Samsung will be offered for 199 dollars (145 euros). It is worth to remember also and about smart hours of Gear 2 working under control of the Tizen operating system and equipped with the chamber. Such delicacy forces the South Korean giant to ask from us, buyers, 299 dollars (219 euros) apiece.

TechChrunch, quoting words of not called source, says that ASUS plans to begin sales of the clever hours somewhere in September, though specifies about a possible delay of a gadget. An essence that ASUS wants to let out really cool gadget on the market, instead of it is simple, hurrying behind a trend, to start though the first, but the crude device.

Also it is necessary to pay tribute that behind this assumption there is very common sense. Hastened with release of the G Watch LG itself admits that simply did not manage to establish in the device the sensor of a warm rhythm what Samsung Gear Live possesses, for example. Drew in a temporary framework and desire to deduce a gadget quicker on the market.

Earlier information that ASUS plans to allocate the device with a control system of gestures but as Android Wear release actually took place, a question of this possibility went while still is groundless.

Interest to this news known already many user of "Twitter" of @evleaks who also did not disdain also could add to share some details about next smart hours from ASUS. In particular, he told that the device carries the code name "Robin", and also that hours from the Taiwan company will be the thinnest in the class.