Hours of Apple iWatch leave in the third quarter

Hours of Apple iWatch leave in the third quarter

Whether debut the clever hours of Apple known while only on hearings, this year? If to trust a source, it happens in some months.

As the Taiwan business newspaper Economic Daily News writes, the Apple company will present long-awaited smart вотч in the third quarter 2014. Such conclusion was made after sources among suppliers reported about plans of the "apple" company to let out by the end of the current year of 65 million nosimy devices under the name iWatch.

The Quanta Computer company will be engaged in production of hours. Chips for a gadget will be delivered by Richtek Technology, and TPK to make touch panels from sapphire glass. The processor develops for nosimy devices of Apple itself, but its production she decided to entrust Samsung, notes a source.

The South Korean company Samsung and other large players already let out the options smart вотч. But it does not mean that the Apple will not be places in the market. Moreover, its product can stir up the market of clever hours.

It is reported also that besides support of iPhone, Apple iWatch will receive functionality of a fitness tracker with what they will be helped by the Healthbook appendix for the iOS 8 operating system.

A large number of hearings round Apple does not surprise, after all production of this company uses enviable popularity around the world. Many companies try to equal on Apple, including it a sample for imitation. They believe that following of the same strategy will lead them to success. But it not always turns out. The exit of iWatch should place all points over «i».

Meanwhile Google let out the operating system for clever hours. At this Sony decided not to use it in the nosimy production.