Samsung develops points of virtual reality for tablets and smartphones

Samsung develops points of virtual reality for tablets and smartphones

The Samsung company first of all is known for the smartphones and Galaxy tablets, quite popular TVs and quite recently let-out "clever" hours. However the Korean producer is going to open for itself category absolutely new to it and to become one of the most known producers of devices for virtual reality.

Sources технопортала Engadget close to the Samsung company, shared data that the South Korean company is engaged in development of points of virtual reality and, moreover, announces them this year.

The edition reports that the device is urged to make the serious competition to such gadgets as Oculus Rift (whose producer became recently Facebook property), and also points develops Project Morpheus which by Sony for the game console PlayStation 4. According to Engadget, some developers of software products already received early versions of this device. It is necessary to specify also that the gadget works (at least at a stage of its development) on the basis of flagman devices of a line of Galaxy (most likely, фаблета Note 3 and the Galaxy S5 smartphone). The consumer model, in turn, will work in a tandem with future phones and tablets of a line of Galaxy.

Source, having shared with Endgadget information, reported that points of virtual reality of Samsung use the OLED screen and quality of the picture at them it is better, than at the second девкита Rift. While it is unclear, how the device incorporates to a tablet or phone, however the portal assumes that the device most likely uses wire connection, rather than wireless.

Samsung plans to make this device more available, than at competitors. Besides, it is reported that unlike smart hours of Galaxy Gear, points of virtual reality from Samsung will not use the Tizen operating system.

The device will be certainly intended for games. Games on the basis of Android. But which? On this question of the answer is not present even at a source of this information. One is now clear that the majority of games will not support the device of virtual reality as the main control facility.