PlayStation 4 already started to make for the Sony company profit

PlayStation 4 already started to make for the Sony company profit

Game consoles, as a rule, the first some years of the life yield the companies developers only losses. So this business till today was arranged: the console was on sale in a minus, and the profit went from sale of games. The Sony company, seemingly, managed to change this market formula.

Really, PlayStation 3 was on sale cheaper than the prime cost in nearly 800 dollars, and cost 499-599 dollars, depending on volume of the built-in hard disk. Considering huge investments in start of the new console, Sony was necessary to reduce the price considerably of process of production of a prefix and to let out pair of its audits in a new form factor before PlayStation 3 started to bring the companies at least small, but profit. There was it only some years later after the beginning of its sales in 2006.

History with not so iridescent start of PS3 which was accompanied by the noncompetitive price in comparison with the Microsoft console, some technical problems and complexity of development of games for it, led to that Sony incurred huge losses in game sector. And, seemingly, that the Japanese company drew for itself certain conclusions.

PS4 initially cost cheaper Xbox One consoles for 100 dollars, and only will reduce the price for the prefix this summer of Microsoft, having excluded from a set Kinect sensor. Meanwhile Sony already paid back costs of development of PlayStation 4 and even started to sell it in plus, that is prime costs that is a real miracle for the console market are higher. The experts calculating expenses for production of new consoles, came to a conclusion, as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One actually stand 381 and 471 dollars respectively, and taking into account additional expenses on marketing, packing, delivery, service and much, many other, their cost absolutely precisely exceeds that that is written on store price lists. It turns out that Sony was possible to adjust so somehow logistics and to optimize the production that cumulative prime cost of the Japanese console fell below a mark in 399 dollars. And the American competitor had to refuse for the sake of reduction of price an important component of the game ecosystem in the person of Kinect.

«It was improbably successful start, but a key to long-term success is continuous accumulation of base of our users, – the president of Sony Kadzuo Hirai, – As to games shared with journalists, as of April 13 of this year we already started 47 games for PS4 which dispersed in circulation of 20,5 million copies. PlayStation 4 already makes for us profit from sale of each console that strongly differs from our approach to business of times of PS3».

From the moment of console start in November, 2013, Sony it was possible to sell more than 7 million PS4 around the world (it is possible to assume that the number of the sold prefixes exceeds at present 8,5 million). According to researches of the analytical agency NPD, the new Sony console wins first place on sales the fourth month in a row, leaving the competitive Xbox One platform far behind.

In spite of the fact that Sony reported not so long ago about losses at a rate of 1,26 billion dollars, start of the new game console helped to increase net profit by 14,3 %. The game segment of the company brought 78 million dollars of losses, but it is not necessary to pay to it attention as at start of a new platform any company always bears quite impressive expenses. Next year Sony plans to leave again in plus thanks to the game and mobile divisions.

The important role in growth of profit was played by that fact that more than a half of owners of PS4 was paid by connection of the PlayStation Plus service allowing every month to receive new games, and also access to multipleerny possibilities. At present about 52 million people use network services PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, and the mobile PlayStation App appendix was downloaded by 4,5 million users.