BlackBerry creates base for «The Internet of things»

BlackBerry creates base for «The Internet of things»

BlackBerry reported about system development which will help it to forget the past and to be engaged in development of the new direction. The Canadian company directed the efforts towards «The Internet of things» which covers everything, since hours and finishing cars. German Bosch already invested in this sphere of business.

BlackBerry prepares the project under a code nazyvaniye of Project Ion within which creation of a cloudy platform which corporate clients can use for data collection from clever devices and their processing in real time is planned. The project also means adjustment of communications between the companies, developers and other participants of the market, writes PhysOrg.

Communication becomes cheaper, connected technologies develop, the new market — the market «Internet of things» is formed. Daily billion connections generate trillion operations and экзабайты data. All this demands a reliable platform for work on a global scale — the chief executive officer of BlackBerry John Chen speaks.

«The Internet of things» assumes interaction of every possible electronic devices with each other or with environment. The purpose Project Ion consists in providing safe access to large volumes of data from various sources and analytical tools with the subsequent transformation of these data to useful information in the form of the concrete decision.

This initiative can help BlackBerry to get to a trend and to compensate lost before a position. The company conceded the market of smartphones in the past to Apple firm and producers of Android-devices.