The Microsoft company is convinced that people love Kinect and will continue it to buy

The Microsoft company is convinced that people love Kinect and will continue it to buy

Last month the Microsoft company announced new бандл Xbox One consoles which 399 dollars cost and does not include Kinect sensor. Many users apprehended this news with enthusiasm as to overpay superfluous 100 dollars wanted nobody. But the management of Microsoft is sure that on it the history Kinect will not end.

The newly made head of division of Xbox Phil Spencer continued assures journalists that the company did not put Kinect sensor outside the brackets and did not lose faith in this device. Judging by his words, users of Xbox adore Kinect and will continue to buy it anyway.

During the interview to GamesIndustry portal Spencer mentioned that users of Xbox 360 and Xbox One used the voice Kinect teams already more than billion times.

«Exactly thanks to that people continue to use Kinect, we will invest in it additional resources to make this sensor even more convenient. And I consider that we should continue to develop games for Kinect. Users like such play experience therefore they or buy Kinect at once together with the console, or will get it in addition a bit later, how will buy Xbox One for 399 dollars».

In end we will share with you the funny case connected with a sensor of Kinect. Not so long ago Microsoft started the new advertizing video the American actor Aaron Paul known for many on a role of Jesse Pinkman from series «In all heavy» (Breaking Bad) became which protagonist. And so, when owners of the Xbox One console with the connected sensor of Kinect watched this commercial on TV, and the actor said the Xbox On team, the prefixes being in a room of the audience, amicably joined, reacting to his voice. It confused very many users of the new Microsoft console, and the company management already works over somehow to differentiate real voice teams of users and that reaches from loudspeakers of the TV or computer columns. Here the commercial:

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