As all devices connected to the Internet

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#фото | As all devices connected to the Internet

It was never interesting to you, how many in the world of the devices connected to the Internet? And where their biggest concentration? One person made interesting experiment and arranged global PING of all computers connected to the Internet, clever things and devices.

John Matterli, the founder of the search engine Shodan which is the first-ever searcher on the Internet of things appeared this person. Its search engine allows producers of the equipment to define for «clever houses» what of their devices are connected at present to the Internet and where they are located territorially.

John пропинговал all devices having Internet access and on the basis of the received data created the world map where congestions of the devices found by it are noted.

Nobody will be surprised, having seen that the greatest concentration of Internet connections is the share of the USA, east coast of South America, the country of Europe, India, China and Japan. Least Internet users in the countries of Africa, Australia, Greenland, Canada, on Alaska and in the north of Russia.

As to Russia, certainly, the maximum quantity of connections to the Internet is registered in the European part of the country, especially round Moscow and St. Petersburg. The farther on the East, the concentration of Internet connections is lower.

It is impossible to be sure that in John Matterli’s experiment 100 % of all devices connected to the Internet are reflected, but in any case the result of this research looks quite curiously, and received «the Internet Card» looks very nicely.