Smartphones on Ubuntu will cost 200-400 dollars

Smartphones on Ubuntu will cost 200-400 dollars

Mark Shuttlvort, the founder of the Canonical company, Ubuntu which have presented to the world, during interview to the The Inquirer edition, opened the heart and mentioned the prices for the future smartphones using their operating system.

According to his words to buy phone without the conclusion of the contract with the cellular operator any wishing can for 200-400 dollars. The price list on Ubuntu-smartphones will try to hold much below the prices for latest models of iPhone to create the worthy market competition.

Let’s remind that iPhone 5s without the contract will cost to you 649-849 dollars depending on volume of internal memory of the device. The most expensive models of smartphones on the basis of the Android operating system cost today about 600 dollars that also is much more expensive, than that the head of the Canonical company planned.

«These smartphones will be the highest class, and users, certainly, will estimate all our long-term experience which we enclosed in them, – Mark told to journalists. – Our ambitions are that we plan to sell the best personal computers of the future. And smartphones on the basis of Ubuntu, at connection to them of the monitor, a mouse and the keyboard turn into the high-grade computer».

The Canonical company last year already tried to collect by means of a fandrayzing 32 million dollars on Ubuntu-smartphone release in cost from 600 to 830 dollars, but campaign for fund raising ended with failure. It was possible to collect only 12,8 million dollars.

The BQ companies (Spain) and all known Meizu (China) become the first producers of smartphones on the basis of Ubuntu in 2014.

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