In America start to impose a ban on Google Glass

In America start to impose a ban on Google Glass

Points of the added reality of Google Glass in masses as them already forbade in some pubs of the USA did not manage to leave. The 5 Point Cafe, the oldest bar in the city of Seattle, does not wish to see among the visitors of users of Google Glass. Still! Suddenly your former will want to find you in crowd.

On page The 5 Point Cafe in Facebook the following was published:

«We ask to take into consideration. The 5 Point Cafe is the first institution in Seattle in which it is forbidden to carry Google Glass. We will drive violators kicks under the back».

It means that before an entrance visitors of The 5 Point Cafe should remove points of the added reality.

According to the owner of The 5 Point Cafe Deyva Meynert (Dave Meinert), confidentiality of visitors always was on the first place:

«You should understand culture of our institution. People who go here, do not look for popularity … and, obviously, do not want, that them secretly shot with the chamber, and records posted In the Internet».

The most interesting that with the same success it is possible to write down video and on the chamber of phone which all visitors of The 5 Point Cafe use.