Now smartphones it is possible to charge from a bench

Now smartphones it is possible to charge from a bench

Development of the Internet of things provokes emergence of new intellectual devices. To the list of things from hours, cars, phones and other "clever" devices street benches not so long ago were added.

Benches on the solar batteries, received the name Soofa, will appear in city parks in Boston (piece Massachusetts, the USA) next week. Feature of this furniture consists that it can be used not only for rest, but also for a charging of mobile devices. Wireless connection to the Internet will in addition render various services on the basis of data on location of the user. For example, the user can learn air temperature, its quality and noise level, sitting on a bench in public park.

Your mobile phone not simply carries out calls. So why our benches should be used only with one purpose? – the mayor of Boston Martin Dzh told. Walsh.

The bench of Soofa was created by engineers from MIT Media Lab, Changing Environments which have based a startup company. This laboratory is known for a set of innovative development, including the furniture, capable to change the form.

Now smartphones it is possible to charge from a bench

Soofa was presented for the first time to the public in 2013. Since then the bench received a number of updatings, namely its useful area increased and possibility of simultaneous connection of two smartphones through USB port was added. In the future the company plans to equip Soofa with function of a wireless charging on the basis of a magnetic induction – the similar technology is realized in a network of coffee houses of Starbucks.

Soofa is the first step in creation of city furniture. Long ago ripened need to update our city for new generation of users of mobile devices. It opens boundless possibilities, – the coauthor of Soofa and the chief executive officer of Changing Environments Sandra Richter declared.

As reports Yahoo Tech, cost of one "charging" bench of Soofa makes 3 000 dollars. The producer also gives on a product a guarantee for 25 years.