Arduboy – cut-away by means of which it is possible to play Videoigras Tetris

Arduboy - cut-away by means of which it is possible to play Videoigras Tetris

Cards happen different. Someone tries to use at creation of cut-aways unusual materials with a structure pleasant to the touch, and someone puts all forces in smart design. But the card of Arduboy has no competitors in general. After all by means of this cut-away you can play Tetris!

The American designer Kevin Bates developed for itself absolutely improbable card. Named he it Arduboy, and it is not casual. Outwardly cut-away reminds the classical Nintendo console – Game Boy. Exactly for this purpose хандхельда in 1989 the very first pocket version of legendary game of Alexey Pazhitnov – Tetris was developed. The first part of the name of this unique cut-away is obliged by the origin to the hardware computing Arduino platform on the basis of which this device was created.

Kevin at creation of the cut-away besides Arduino system used the printed-circuit board in thickness 1,6 millimeters, пьезодинамик, the tiny monochrome OLED screen, capacitor touch buttons, a flat battery tablet, and also the small switch for inclusion and device switching off. As a result the card of Arduboy is capable not only to play Tetris, it can easily reproduce unpretentious MIDI melodies, and also display text and graphic files. The card is capable to work continuously about 10 hours from one battery.

The designer plans to collect about 1000 dollars by means of Kickstarter kraudfanding-platform on cut-away finishing to mind then it will publish detailed schemes and source codes of a code which it used during its development. The main problem is that it is necessary for it to get the paid license for production of such cards, and it costs slightly more than 800 dollars for this reason he declared the intention to raise necessary funds. Also the author of the project wants to find alternative to touch buttons to feel return from pressing, thus without losing in thickness of the device. According to him, touch buttons are painfully boring in use and do not allow to feel all pleasure from game.

In more detail about creation of the card of Arduboy you can read on page of her developer.

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