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Scientists told that helps to study sciences of

Scientists told that helps to study sciences of

The United States pay much attention to sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics and, to remain competitive in the conditions of economy globalization, local educational institutions constantly look for new ways of increase of learning efficiency of students to scientific disciplines.

Researchers Katie Davies and Greg Krouter from the Washington University consider that music can help to master some pupil new subjects. They studied how musical videos help students to develop understanding of a science, writes PhysOrg. Work of scientists will be presented on April 4 at annual conference of the American research pedagogical association.

Davies and Krouter consider music not only as mnemonic reception which helps to remember large volumes of information. The previous researches showed that music promotes removal of a stress and strengthens participation of the student in the course of training. It gave the scientist the grounds to assume that musical clips can help to acquire better to some students information.

We should not teach all children all alike; we should apply an individual approach. It is necessary to provide some initial points of training with everything to subjects. Music also opens doors in a science — Davies, the senior teacher at School of information technologies of the Washington university speaks.

Scientists told that helps to study sciences of

Krouter – the biologist by training, but his hobby for music developed into something bigger. 10 years ago he created the website with songs which concern a science and mathematics. Today its collection totals more than 7 000 songs (many of them are not accompanied by video). All wishing can find there the music connected with subjects studied at school.

People took part in research from 3 to 76 years. Middle age of examinees made 12 years. Before each of them established a laptop and suggested to watch the cheerful colourful video at the chosen scientific subject. Previously to them set some questions on a subject and one control, not concerning video, and then asked to estimate confidence of the answers. The same was done after viewing of training clips.

As a result maximum quantity of the right answers of a distance of 2/3 examinees (10 of 15 person). Participants improved the points not only on questions, factual, but also to much more difficult questions demanding understanding of a subject. It proves that thematic videos help to understand a scientific material, instead of it is simple to remember it.

Research proves that students study better if apply an individual approach to the training, stuck on visual and sound perception of information. Scientists also note that memory is influenced by emotions. As music has emotional impact on the person, it promotes memory improvement.

We do not argue that it is the unique method of studying, it simply another. But we hope that it will help students to improve the scientific knowledge — Davies summarized.

In recent years more and more the American schools introduce the standards providing use of tablets with training programs. All because interactive mobile appendices really help students to study better.