The reasons of a delay of an exit of Apple iWatch

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The reasons of a delay of an exit of Apple iWatch

The Apple company experiences difficulties by production смартвотч. It brakes a fast exit of long-awaited iWatch to the market of nosimy devices where practically every second technological company is presented by an own digital watch or a fitness tracker.

As reports the resource The Information, Apple yet did not decide on display technology for iWatch. The company is allegedly dissatisfied with how the display chosen by it consumes energy of the storage battery. Messages on insufficient efficiency of the iWatch battery appeared at the beginning of 2013, specifying that prototypes of hours work at one charge only a couple of days. Apple expected to increase time of independent operation of the device at least about four or five days. It seems that this problem still remained unresolved.

Most likely, iWatch in 2013 planned to let out Apple, but could not make it for the aforementioned reasons. According to the source, kupertinovets cancelled production of a gadget at the end of last year. Earlier it was reported that after testing of the different sizes of OLED displays for a digital watch under control of iOS the company stopped the choice on 1,3-and 1,7-inch panels.

The Information source also confirmed hearing about other problem by production iWatch which consists in a method of processing of a material of the case of a new watch.

Despite all disorders, iWatch should go on sale later this year. After all over смартвотч the Apple works big team of people. At last year’s meeting of investors of CEO Apple Tim Cook hinted that in 2014 the company will create new commodity categories. Branch analysts do not doubt that it will be смартвотч and the TV.