#видео | Management of a flying throne by means of Oculus Rift of

#видео | Management of a flying throne by means of Oculus Rift of

To helmet of virtual reality of Oculus Rift find more and more interesting applications. German programmer Diego Araos (Diego Araos) published video in which it by means of a helmet operates a flying throne.

Diego developed the special software which allowed it to operate far off a kvadrokopter by means of Oculus Rift. In the screen of a helmet the image from throne chambers was broadcast, and for its management it was necessary for user to turn simply the head towards movement.

Such combination of the flying device and helmet of virtual reality will give to the user feeling of flight, thus he can simply sit on a shop in park.

By means of Oculus Rift you can look at demonstration of management by a throne on published video.

OculusDrone: Oculus Rift + AR Drone 2.0 Integrated Oculus Rift head tracking and video feed with the AR Drone to make a head motion controler. It’s really fun and latency very low. This project is open source and a fork of another of my projects drone-swarm (to control several AR Drones within one network): https://github.com/daraosn/oculus-drone