Google Glass forbid at cinemas

Google Glass forbid at cinemas

In spite of the fact that the release of electronic points of Google Glass formally did not take place yet (though to buy them it is possible already now), this device actually draws to itself negative attitude from people around. As many know, Google here within a year carries out the advertizing company "Explorer" within which developers of software products can get points of Glass. And some owners of this gadget already had to face negative attitude of people around.

The latest news from the West report that subjects of business completely forbade use of this device in their territory. Last of such subjects, for example, is the network of cinemas of Alamo Drafthouse. This network at the moment possesses 15 cinemas. In the near future the company plans to expand the influence and already conducts building of several new objects.

And so, the executive director of the company Lim Lig on the page in Twitter with heshtegy #MovieManners reports that the Google Glass device is officially forbidden for using at all cinemas of this company since that moment as in a hall light dies away and traditional display of various film trailers before actually film to which people and came begins. In opinion League, it is very fair, as each person who has come to a cinema, should have the right to take pleasure in actually film, for the ticket on which he paid.

Leagues also specifies that quite perfectly realized danger of potential of growth of a piracy at cinemas at once after personally saw Google Glass points in operation. Therefore now each owner of this gadget will personally ask to remove and switch off the device before cinema viewing.

But the piracy, as we know, would not be a piracy if each time could not find new possibilities and openings for the shady business. And even in spite of the fact that the Google Glass battery now does not suffice even to write down a film half, pirates will surely find a way how to cope with this question. After all the forbidden fruit, as we know, is always sweet.