RoboTar – the robot which will allow you to play a guitar, without knowing chords

RoboTar – the robot which will allow you to play a guitar, without knowing chords

Dream to play a guitar, but you do not have enough practice and music education? There are no problems! The special RoboTar device will allow you to avoid hundred hours of training at music school, clamping for you necessary chords on a guitar signature stamp. You will need to strike only on strings in the necessary rhythm.

This robot looks as the rectangular device which is put on your guitar according to a tonality necessary for you. The above there should be a sound – the closer to the case of a guitar it is necessary to put on RoboTar.

RoboTar clamps chords thanks to a certain similarity of artificial fingers, but it most interesting in this case at all. Very important detail of the device is that fact that on its forward panel in the form of lighting-up light-emitting diodes the strings clamped at present are displayed. Thanks to it beginning musicians can learn very quickly important chords and in the future to avoid use of the electronic assistant.

The device works in a tandem with the special annex which you can download on the smartphone or a tablet. The library of the appendix comprises thousands various popular songs with in advance registered chords which you can download and use absolutely free of charge. Also you can bring in memory of the device and any other song on your taste. Switching between chords within any concrete musical composition is carried out by means of a guitar pedal connected to the device: it is necessary to replace a chord with the following – simply pressed a pedal and continue to strike on strings.

At present developers of the device raise the funds necessary to start its mass production on a kraudfanding-platform of Kickstarter. You also can help to be carried out to this project, having brought the contribution in the general moneybox.

RoboTarPitch Ready for the Robot LaunchPad Launch 2014 Competition. Made the final 30! This is probably our best video yet – short and sweet.