Google pleased developers of clever hours

Google pleased developers of clever hours

The Google company plans to issue the software package which will allow mobile developers to create Android-applications for nosimy electronics, including clever hours in the next weeks. The vice-president of Google Sundar Pichai responsible for such directions declared it during the SXSW conference in Austin, as Android, Apps and Chrome.

In two weeks we will let out the first SDK for Android which will state our vision of this market to developers — Sundar Pichai told.

Comparing evolution of nosimy devices to revolution in the market of smartphones, the vice-president of Google noted that its company intends to deduce Android out of limits of the market of smartphones and tablet computers. Also it is necessary to recognize, Google actively works in this direction. For example, recently with its help the Open automobile alliance which purpose is complete integration of the Android mobile operating system into cars was created.

It is expected that Google declares plans of rather smartvotch-focused operating system in the second half of this month. About it to the CNET edition reported well informed circles in February. Then it was declared that production of brand clever hours which debut at the Google I/O conference in June, the South Korean producer of LG electronics will be engaged.

According to preliminary data, the operating system for clever hours will be based on system of voice search of Google Now which is also involved the added reality of Google Glass wearing spectacles. Today sales volumes смартвотч are insignificant, but by 2018 this market will be already estimated in 19 billion dollars. Such forecast was made by research firm Juniper Research.

Traditionally small companies adopt ideas of larger. So, the perspective Google project on creation of the modular smartphone inspired foreign developers on release of modular clever hours.