The new Google application will transform a sign language to speech

The new Google application will transform a sign language to speech

The new appendix which now is in development, will teach people to understand a sign language in real time. Students of the Swedish School of communications of Berg in Stockholm work with the Google company over creation of a translation program of language of deaf-mutes for usual speech which elephants are capable to distinguish even. Diligence of children were noted by an award of the International Festival of Creativity «the Cannes Lions».

The appendix which is developed by Swedes, is called as Google Gesture. The program works together with the special bandage dressed on a wrist. The device analyzes the movements of muscles made by the user of sign language. This process is known as an elektromiografiya. Measurements of bioelectric potentials of skeletal muscles are transferred in the appendix which in turn transfers them to the corresponding speech sounds, writes the Mashable Internet magazine.

The vast majority of people do not understand a sign language. And it means that many interesting conversations can take place never — is told in the video message to Gesture Google application.

The new appendix should correct this problem by an immediate translation of gestures in speech. It will allow to clean a language barrier which disturbs communication with deaf-mutes and people hard of hearing.

Unfortunately, date of an exit of the appendix was not declared.

Today the deaf and hard of hearing communicate in a sign language on visual communication.