The contactless bracelet is developed for payment bitkoin

The contactless bracelet is developed for payment биткоинами

The company on development of gadgets of MEVY announced a bracelet prototype by means of which it will be possible to pay one movement of a brush. The Nosimy purse will pay in биткоинах.

As founders report, the novelty is intended for micropayments which are more convenient for carrying out hand movement, than to climb in a pocket behind a trifle. At present the maximum sum of transaction which can be made by means of a bracelet, makes 20 dollars.

The Nosimy bracelet incorporates to the device, located in a payment place, on the Bluetooth Low Energy interface. However it is in practice still difficult to carry out universal use of a gadget. Now payment биткоинами can be made only in the most technologically developed places. Besides, the Apple company deletes all appendices connected with биткоинами from AppStore, thereby considerably narrowing a circle of potential users, reports a portal

According to some information about one million the people having accounts in биткоин now is. Developers hope for interest from their party which will allow to develop to the project.

On video it is possible to receive idea of gadget work below.

MEVU Wearable + Bitcoin Website: In the last couple of years we have seen exponential change in how we pay for things and causes we care about. At MEVU, we have demonstrated a glimpse of how we can reinvent it. We have taken the best of wearable gesture technology and bitcoin’s microtransaction capability to allow payment to be done with a simple gesture in the air. This will allow you to buy a cup of coffee without the need to take out your wallet, you just have to perform a simple airsign with our device. Imagine that you are driving out from a parking lot, and while you are approaching the payment facility you just make a gesture with your hand to make the payment, and you can do this without even lowering your car windows. The biggest idea is in fact that through microtransactions, we can bring a new model where community / common property can be maintained with the help of the users visiting the locations and donating micro-cents through air gesture. The trends are already starting with reddit tipbot with dogecoin and flattr. Elinor Ostrom, received Nobel Prize for Economics 2009 in her book ‘Governing the Commons’ from 1990, demonstrated how common property can be successfully managed by user associations and that economic analysis can shed light on most forms of social organization. *A group of supporters have raised more than of $25,000 in the internet currency Dogecoin to let the Jamaican Bobsled Team attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi.