The LG company is going to present new model of clever hours

The LG company is going to present new model of clever hours

To the Android Wear operating system still it was not executed at all years, and the South Korean company LG is already ready to present the second clever hours on its basis. Apparently, this time we are waited by the classical round case.

Thanks to published on the official Youtube-channel of the LG company to a tizer-roller we already can imagine, on what these hours will resemble.

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It is possible to tell that LG prepares the worthy answer of model of hours of Moto 360 of the Motorola company. Most likely, we can learn more about a novelty next week within the IFA 2014 exhibition which will pass in Berlin from September 5 to September 10. Hours with a high probability of LG G Watch R from the word Round ("round" – will be called as English).

At the same exhibition in Berlin the clever hours the Asus company also is going to present. And the HTC company promises to show to public the clever hours late this year. It seems that all largest companies which are letting out electronic gadgets sooner or later will give in to a trend. But most of all expectations assign, certainly, to the Apple company with their mysterious clever hours about which while, unlike iPhone 6, practically it is not known.