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the Oral-B Company built in Bluetooth 4.0 a toothbrush

the Oral-B Company built in Bluetooth 4.0 a toothbrush

On an exhibition of consumer electronics of the company bring not only innovative smartphones and tablets, but also the devices which earlier were not in area of high technologies. So the Oral-B company equipped with the module of a wireless communication of Bluetooth 4.0 a toothbrush.

The new brush of Oral-B SmartSeries 7000 by means of the special annex of Oral-B App can contact your clever phone for record and the analysis of activity of the user. Also the device can provide in real time some recommendations concerning better toothbrushing. The Oral-B App appendix version for iOS will appear in May, and for Android in August of this year.

Besides, in memory of a brush it is possible to add some various modes and to edit time of a session of toothbrushing, thus, completely having personalized the device under the specific user.

According to the developers, the similar toothbrush will not relieve you of campaigns to the stomatologist, but can provide to your doctor information on toothbrushing sessions. In turn the stomatologist can modify work of modes of a brush, having concentrated attention on problem sites.

As report in the Oral-B company, autonomy of the accumulator will suffice for 10 days of work. The toothbrush of Oral-B SmartSeries 7000 will go on sale in June at the price of about 220 dollars.