«Black boxes» missing of Boeing 777 did not justify hope

«Black boxes» missing of Boeing 777 did not justify hope

The international team of rescuers continues searches of the Malaysian Airlines plane which was gone from a radar on March 8. Recently at the ocean to the West from Australia signals which Boeing 777, allegedly, belong to "black boxes» were fixed. The last time them marked on April 8. It seems that it was the last serious catch — lack of new signals for here several days can already mean that batteries of black boxes on which were laid hopes, were finally discharged. About it Associated Press on April 13 reported.

The hydroacoustic beacons attached to black boxes, are capable to submit radio signals within about 30 days after hit to water. From the moment of loss of the plane which was carrying out the night flight Flight of 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, passed more than a month. Onboard Malaysian Boeing 777 there were 239 people.

According to the Honeywell company (its batteries are used in recorders), such devices can work more than 30 days, but in process of the category the batteries published by them signals gradually fade that complicates their search. The beacon, whose width makes about 10 centimeters, is outwardly similar to «the braided pack of dollars of silvery color», which приболчена to recorders.

«Black boxes» missing of Boeing 777 did not justify hope

The underwater signals which have probably arrived from black boxes of the plane, were fixed by means of the electronic equipment of the Navies of the USA, established on the Australian vessel Ocean Shield. From last Tuesday this military ship did not catch any new signals.

Such radio beacons are capable to transmit one sound signal in a second on frequency about 37,5 kHz, and it can be distinguished from the signals published by sea animals, for example, by whales. Experts already confirmed that the source of the received signals is not natural and coincides with characteristics of «a black box».

As rescuers consider improbable detection of new signals, soon they will start to investigate a seabed in search of potential fragments of a Malaysian airliner. It is very labor-intensive process which can borrow from a month to several years, depending on the area of a search zone. The signals noticed in the Indian Ocean could narrow the area of searches, considering absence of the radar-tracking data, allowing to define location of the plane at the moment of its disappearance from a land radar.

Searches of the gone plane are conducted in a zone about 1300 square kilometers that approximately equals the areas of Los Angeles. Further distantly operated submarine of Bluefin of 21 productions of the American company Bluefin Robotics will be involved in work. The submarine is capable to work at depth to 4,5 kilometers that is suitable for searches near the Indian Ocean.

Earlier the version about the remote stealing of the Malaysian plane made with application of cybertechnologies was put forward.