Google Glass will help people with Parkinsons illness of

Google Glass will help people with Parkinsons illness of

Every day to points of Google Glass is more and more scopes which mention both ordinary users, and military science and medicine. Researchers from university of Newcastle in Great Britain carried out studying as points from Google can help with an everyday life to the people suffering from an illness of Parkinson.

The Google company provided to university for studying five pairs points which were given to volunteers at the age of 46-70 years with Parkinson’s illness for daily use. In points of virtual reality the special programs developed for such patients were installed.

Google Glass will help people with Parkinsons illness of

Important function of points were personal reminders which told to the user, for example, when it is necessary for it to take medicine. Also, using voice teams, it was much simpler to patients to make a call, to write the message or to put a reminder.

«You, probably, will think that all these actions can be made on the smartphone, however with Parkinson’s illness to use the touch screen happens inconveniently», – tells Lynn Tearse, one of volunteers.

Also special software should help will consult to the patient and with other problems which are inherent in this illness. For example, points can tell to the user to speak louder or remind it to swallow, as salivation is an unpleasant problem of an illness of Parkinson, reports

Besides, points can trace activity of the user and give teams for brain "awakening" if the person long is in a stupor. The program can by means of arrows on the screen specify to the user the movement direction.

At present the project is at an early stage of development and exact results of experiments will be announced later. Despite it, already now it is possible to tell that use of Google Glass can simplify considerably life to people with Parkinson’s illness.