Nintendo conceded the market of game consoles to the Business Sony and Microsoft

Nintendo conceded the market of game consoles to the Business Sony and Microsoft

Nintendo declared that in nine months which came to the end on December 31, 2013, she sold only 2,4 million game Wii U consoles. It much less, than at competitors: in six weeks of Sony and Microsoft sold to retailers, respectively, 4,2 and 3,9 million boxes.

Low sales volumes are negatively reflected in a financial position of the oldest Japanese company in the field of video games. For the first nine months of fiscal year the profit of the company fell to 30 percent. It was promoted by decrease in demand for Wii U prefix. Not to allow financial crash of Nintendo sales program and 3DS hardware helped. The portable game console made for the company profit of 10,2 billion yens that is approximately equal to 99 million dollars.

As declared in Nintendo, within the next five months the company management will go on salary fall. The president of Nintendo Satora Ivat will cut down the salary twice while director Shigera Miyamoto 30 percent fall waits. Compensations for work of seven other chairmen of board of directors it was decided to reduce by 20 percent.

Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One – here the most advanced game consoles today. If sales of these cars started in November, Wii U appeared in the market in the autumn of 2012 and during this time managed to bore gamers.

As though it would not be desirable Nintendo, 3DS does not catch up on sales planshetnik and smartphones. For comparison: one only sold to Apple 51 million iPhone and 26 million iPad for the fourth calendar quarter.

For the end of fiscal year which falls on March 31, Nintendo predicts losses at a rate of 242 million dollars though earlier the company expected 532 million profit. Very few people expected such turn of events. Against this Nintendo lowered a forecast on annual sales of Wii U with 9 to 2,8 million copies. It also had to reconsider a sales forecast on 3DS with 18 to 13,5 million units.

Prompt growth of the market of planshetnik and smartphones forced Nintendo to change strategy of the development. On unconfirmed while information, the company already prepares demonstration versions of the games for mobile devices.