Pets love and are on friendly terms the same as people of

Pets love and are on friendly terms the same as people of

Pets really love the owners. To such conclusion scientists after research of a so-called hormone of love at animals came.

During experiments it was established that animals and people allocate an identical hormone which helps them to enter into the friendly relations in blood. Experts say that were literally shocked with the level of oxytocin found in an organism of animals, taken part in research.

The American researchers analysed samples of blood of a terrier of the mixed breed and a goat which were in regular contact with each other. Animals ran, jumped, caught up each other and friendly bit — in a word, played.

We took blood samples from animals, gave the chance to them to gambol in an open-air cage, then made a repeated fence of samples to check changes of level of a hormone — professor Paul Zac from Klermontsky university in California (Claremont Graduate University in California) told to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Researchers were surprised, having seen that oxytocin level at a dog increased by 48 percent. At the second animal it also increased to level which at the person associates with true love.

I observed such splash in oxytocin in an organism only in situations when someone saw the darling, felt a romantic inclination or showed huge kindness. It seems that at pets and people these processes occur equally — the scientist told.

The key role is played here by an odomashnennost of animals. Animals more adapted for the social environment have higher congestion of oxytocin in a forward part of a brain, researchers note.

In other experiment scientists analyzed blood of 100 volunteers which agreed to take part in this research. They were offered to play with a cat or a dog in isolation from other people. Measurements of level of oxytocin were carried out before game.

As a result different people showed different results. As a rule, they depended on, whether there were at the person in life domestic pets. Dogs and cats also unequally reacted to communication with the person. The more at the person was pets in the past, the quicker it developed a hormone during game with a dog. In a case with cats of such big splash it was not observed. It gave the scientist the grounds to draw a conclusion that dogs are the best friends of the person as they will always love the owners.