These mini-robots are capable to move subjects in 2000 of times more hard than their

These mini-robots are capable to move subjects in 2000 of times more hard than their

Engineers from Stanford University developed the tiny robots, capable to lift cargoes in 100 times it is heavier than their body weight. To strongest of boats in mass of everything in 12 grams under force to move subjects in 2000 of times it is heavier than him. Article on this subject was published in the New Scientist magazine. Engineer David Christensen from laboratory on creation of robots says that it is equivalent to as though the person dragged a blue whale.

Other robot weighs only nine grams, but it does not prevent it to rise on vertical surfaces with a kilogram ballast behind the back. For descriptive reasons imagine the person creeping on a wall of a building and pulling for an elephant.

Even the tiny 20-milligram robot which was created under a microscope by means of small tweezers, is capable to move subjects in 25 times more hard than.

Super-strong robot pulls heavy loads Full story: Two robots borrow techniques from both inchworms and geckos to climb up walls while carrying huge loads

Robots borrowed the force at wildlife. Engineers applied to boats surprising ability of geckoes to stick to various surfaces. Paws of robots covered with tiny rubber thorns which are bent when pressure upon them increases. This process increases the area of contact to a surface and, respectively, force of adhesion. At a paw raising thorns accept a former form and easily separate from a surface.

Robots also repeat movements of worms: at first they move a forward part of the body, and then, leaning on it, tighten the back. It allows boats to climb on walls, without losing coupling.

Robots tractors will be presented next month at the International conference on a robotics and automation. Stenfordsky scientists hope to apply the development in various spheres. Larger and strong robots can be used for moving of heavy cargoes on production or on buildings while special models will help rescuers.