Google Cardboard – a cardboard helmet of virtual reality

Google Cardboard - a cardboard helmet of virtual reality

The Google company is famous for that constantly experiments in the most different areas of a science and equipment. But this their development for certain will raise at you a smile, after all not every day to us show the font of virtual reality made of a usual cardboard box.

The virtual reality gains recently the increasing popularity among developers from the most different companies. The agiotage which has arisen round this phenomenon thanks to the Oculus VR company, does not cease for a second. Giants of the market of electronics like Sony also were connected to race of arms and presented own vision of the future of this technology.

While other companies fight for frequency of the shots, the best optics and high resolution of the screen, Google take and present to the public the Google Cardboard project representing a cardboard font of virtual reality which can be collected in house conditions. We already superficially mentioned it in the report on the Google I/O 2014 conference, let’s look now at development more attentively.

Google Cardboard - a cardboard helmet of virtual reality

Google Cardboard is the budgetary virtual reality for who has no desire to spend superfluous 300-500 dollars on acquisition of production of Oculus VR and Sony. For assembly of this font you need only strong cardboard of which do boxes, pair of lenses, magnets, a sticky tape and pair of elastic bands. As the screen for a font you can use practically any smartphone on the basis of Android with a sufficient diagonal of the screen that it could be pushed in a cardboard font.

Google Cardboard - a cardboard helmet of virtual reality

Such here in a plain way the Google company tries to involve developers in order that they started to create VR-applications for the Android platform. Can quite be that in future Google will present an own font of virtual reality, but it is possible while to work and with its cardboard prototype on the basis of the smartphone. By the way, now you can already familiarize with instructions on font assembly on an official site of developers.

Well, very curious course for Google. After all at the Android platform huge base of users and developers so from all this the big library of amateur appendices for future devices of virtual reality can be born really. And while competitors spend billion dollars (remember Facebook and Oculus VR transaction), Google does with virtual reality the same, but for kopeks and of an ordinary cardboard.