Hoverbord from the film «Back in the future»

Hoverbord from the film «Back in the future»

At the beginning of this week on the Internet there was a video with demonstration of a first-ever flying skateboard. However the fantastic thingummy appeared a fake, despite all assurances of the mysterious developer of the return.

On Tuesday on the YouTube channel belonging to a certain HUVr company, there was video in which it is advertized ховерборд, known according to the film «Back in the future 2». Many were delighted to a novelty – after all who did not dream to do some flying on a fantastic board at which instead of wheels antigravitator are established.

It is remarkable that such celebrated personalities took part in shootings of the commercial, as actor Christopher Lloyd (the trilogy «Back in the future»), a skeytbordist Tony Hawk and musician Moby. Screenwriters tried to mislead the audience, explaining a principle of work of technology. On a site of the HUVr company it is said that ховерборда the team from материаловедов and experts in the field of an electricity and magnetism to which managed to lift the veil of secrecy over anti-gravitation» was engaged in development «.

BELIEF They’re here. http://huvrtech.com

About that is a fake, it became clear after the Mashable resource got on open spaces of the Network of the online curriculum vitae of the person who is personally participating in this adventure. Details are given in the document about the roller which has been removed by request of comedy studio Funny Or Die.

Despite impressing virus campaign, while it is necessary to dream of fantastic flying "boards" only. By the way, idea of creation ховерборда last year spread on a kraudfandingovy site Indiegogo.