MARS – the most compact scanner of a retina of an eye

MARS - the most compact scanner of a retina of an eye

Retina scanning with a view of personality check is not for a long time something only from fantastic films. Nevertheless such scanners very expensive, difficult in service and very bulky. MARS is today the most compact scanner of a retina which can quite go in on your palm.

The retina of eyes, as well as fingerprints, is the unique identity card. Experts from the Dresden Institute of photon microsystems of a name of Fraungofer worked some years making the retina scanner as much as possible available to universal use as the personality identifier. And it, certainly, was possible to them.

MARS is deciphered as Mobile Authentification via Retina Scanner or, speaking Russian, «a mobile authenticator by means of retina scanning». He with high precision distinguishes unique drawing of the blood vessels located in a retina of a human eye and compares it with the molds brought in a database. The most surprising in this development – its size. Up to this point scanners of a retina were so big that they would need to be transported from place to place. MARS in this plan is much more practical and mobile that allows to use it in absolutely different situations.

The prototype of MARS uses the safe infra-red laser which will not do much harm at all to a human eye for scanning. Also in the device the personal development of researchers representing difficult mechanical system of mirrors which they christened MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) is used.

Soon development will show at the Optatec 2014 exhibition which will pass in the German city of Frankfurt from May 20 to May 22. So, if you have possibility and desire – you can feel the device own hands, and also personally feel: what it – when your retina scan by means of the laser.

Certainly, you will think at once: why not to use such technology in smartphones? And German experts share your point of view. According to them, once similar scanners surely will appear in each smartphone but while purely physically to find room for the device into the thin case it is not obviously possible. So it is necessary to hope and believe only that once your phone will recognize the owner on unique drawing of a retina of his eyes.

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