New points will help blind to return sight

New points will help blind to return sight

Researchers from the Oxford university argue that made break in the field of sight restoration. They developed points which allow blind people to see the environment. For the first time the gadget was tested in a public place.

The points developed by British project the image of near people and subjects on the built-in lenses, recreating before eyes of the observer an environment picture. Thanks to this gadget some people can see the seeing eye dogs for the first time. The public charitable organization Royal National Institute of Blind (KNIS) highly appreciated this development, the news service "Bi-bi-si" transfers.

Any of devices known to us hitherto could not offer such freedom for partially able to see and gone blind people who want to lead normal life, – John Vorsfold from KNIS declared.

Blind people or suffer total absence of sight, or have residual sight. Most of all blind people has the second form of violation of sight.

Points consist of the special 3D-chamber on a frame, the small computer and the software of processing of images in real time. The picture is deduced on lenses before eyes of the user – surrounding people and subjects become bright and accept accurate outlines.

New points will help blind to return sight

The last version of points offers more high definition and specification in comparison with early prototypes and is already ready to practical use, researchers note.

The device allows to pass safely through doorways, passing obstacles in a floor. It facilitates walking and gives to the person feeling still bigger freedom, – the head of research doctor Stephen Hicks from the Oxford university speaks, noting that the first users on advantage estimated gadget work.

Points very much were pleasant to people. They told that now can consider faces of passersby and to see own hands. Some saw for the first time the dog guide. It is very big incentive.

The present version of the device demands connection to the laptop by means of a cable. Researchers recognize this shortcoming and work over gadget reduction till the size of usual points. They expect to sell points for blind at the price of the mobile phone.

The first party from 100 copies will be let out by the end of the current year. In case of success production of points for the blind will be increased.

The similar gadget was developed by the Mexican scientists. Its production is planned for 2015.