The 3D-printer for the press of berries and fruit

is presented

The 3D-printer for the press of berries and fruit

We already saw 3D-printers which print chocolate, sugar sculptures and even a pizza. But we even could not present to ourselves that in this list there will be berries and fruit.

The British company Dovetailed presented 3D Fruit Printer of own development which is capable to print volume fruit. But it not absolutely that fruit and berries which can be grown up at itself on a bed or to buy in shop. The device prints gelatinous capsules with a flavoring filler.

3D Fruit Printer uses technology of a molecular gastronomy which is called a sferifikatsiya. This method means transformation of specially prepared liquid into the gelatinous balls which are outwardly similar to caviar. As a filler of "berries" the juice mixed with alginic acid serves. The received mix is filled in in solution with cooling reagent – calcium chloride. As a result of chemical reaction jellylike balls which at a raskusyvaniye burst are formed, allocating liquid with taste, for example, strawberries.

The 3D-printer for the press of berries and fruit

It should be noted, 3D Fruit Printer cannot print firm fruit. For example, apple with its help it will not be possible to receive. Instead of it you receive the balls filled with apple juice. Mixing components, you can experiment tastes. Process of preparation of fruit occupies pair of seconds.

3D Fruit Printer was presented at the TechFoodHack conference in Cambridge. As one of organizers of action the Microsoft Research company acted.

As it is reported, cost of the printer will be created taking into account consumer possibilities of housewives. As will apprehend this idea the market while it is not known. Additional information on the printer 3D Fruit Printer can be found on a Dovetailed company site.