The CreoPop 3D-handle allows to draw in flavourless air of plastic

The CreoPop 3D-handle allows to draw in flavourless air of plastic

At first TVs, then printers, now even handles learned to create a 3D-content. We represent to your attention CreoPop 3D Pen gadget in the form of the handle which is able to draw real objects directly in air. It not the first similar printer, but as the founder argues, is the first 3D-handle with use of cold ink.

Unlike the WobbleWorks 3Doodler 3D-handle which draws the melted plastic, CreoPop 3D Pen uses fast-hardening pitch which becomes firm under the influence of ultra-violet light as ink. The producer argues that it is the first 3D-handle with such ink.

Fast hardening – not the unique feature of CreoPop 3D Pen ink. Still they are shone in the dark and react to external temperature. The author of the project Andreas Birnik reported Engadget that now the company works over elastic, current-carrying, magnetic and safe ink for human skin for creation of tattoos as what are drawn by henna.

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The journalists of Engadget who have visited demonstration of CreoPop 3D Pen in San Francisco, note that the handle needs to get skilled at to use: ink dries too quickly that can create some inconveniences during drawing. Birnik promised to finish this moment, having added that in the next 2-3 weeks the project will appear on a kraudfandingovy platform of Indiegogo where its further destiny will be solved.

The pleasure of drawing in air costs 89 dollars. But that who will be registered on a site CreoPop, the company promises a discount.